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Brian Farlow

Transform Your Space With These Build-In-Place Renovation Ideas

by Brian Farlow 09/10/2021

Photo byPixabay from Pexels

Renovation projects might seem like a huge undertaking, but transforming rooms does not necessarily require demolishing the existing infrastructure. Some living spaces simply require additional elements to enhance their usefulness and your peaceful enjoyment. These are build-in-place home renovation ideas that can change the way people experience being at home.

1: Create A Recessed Bookcase

Property owners may be pleased to discover that building a recessed bookcase does not necessarily require demolition. The existing wall can remain in place as long as you use some strategic planning. Although you will likely need to remove moldings, you only need to know where the wall studs are and make sure to avoid electrical outlets.

A bookcase is basically a large open box with shelves running inside it. A handy DIYer can craft the structure using pine boards ranging from 1x6 to 1x12, depending on desired shelf depth. The trick will be either securing the bookcase frame to the wall studs or adding a backing that can be screwed directly into them.

On either side and above the bookcase, a non-bearing partition will be necessary. Attach drywall, spackle, tape, sand and paint the facade. This is a very simplified overview of the process but should allow homeowners to visualize the possibility. That previously bare wall will come alive with books, family photos and more.

2: Built-In Window Seats Enhance Leisure Experience

Homeowners typically install large windows to infuse rooms with warmth and natural sunlight. You can also combine a window with seating to add character and improve quality of life in the home.

Window seats can be built in place by handy homeowners or carpenters. This structure is usually made from 2x4 lumber with a finished facade and plywood top. The measurements should account for the depth of the comfortable seating cushion. The overall height generally runs a few inches below the window sill. Most built-in widow seats possess a backrest for sustained relaxation. You can top it off with throw pillows or a throw blanket for extra comfort.

This build-in-place asset can upgrade an under-used nook or be part of reinventing an entire wall. Imagine recessed bookcases with a window seat integrated into the room's design.

3: Create a Mini Mudroom

One of the hot-trending home renovation ideas involves transforming entrances into spaces that accommodate soiled shoes, umbrellas, rainwear and other items. Transforming a foyer or under-used entrance into a mini mudroom tasks the homeowner or carpenter with building only a few things in place.

A sturdy bench or seating platform can be designed from 2x4 lumber with plywood overlays and then painted. Some people prefer a decor that accentuates natural wood. Thick pine materials can be employed to design a traditional bench with room for shoes underneath. Another facet that many homeowners appreciate is creating a mini cubby where jackets, hats and a little storage space above can house all-weather gear. What could be more transformational than ending that trail of mud?

By re-imagining the existing space and adding key enhancements, you can eliminate the cost and inconvenience of demolition work. These and other build-in-place home renovation ideas allow everyday people to enjoy their living space's maximum benefit.